UZOMA is the new album of the Mental Abstrato project. From the African dialect Igbo, it means "the good way to go". After eight years of the debut album "Pure Essence", the second comes more mature and with the consistency of good Hip Hop children, deepening in his references, ranging from samba-jazz, neo soul to African ancestral musicality, resulting in a record of urban and contemporary jazz from the suburbs of Sao Paulo to the world.

The album was recorded at Red Bull Music Studios São Paulo, produced by Mental Abstrato, with co-production, composition and direction of arrangements by Marcelo Monteiro, with the support of great instrumentalists of the instrumental scene.

Special guests: Legendary singer Claudya, Bocato, Rodrigo Brandão, Guizado, Karla da Silva, Grazi Medori, Dj Soares, Dj Vitonez, Gil Duarte, Erica Dee (CAN) and Ozay Moore (USA).

This album was released in Brazil by Bossa Beats in September 2018, reissued in Japan by Disk Union in December 2018 and now also the recent release on Vinyl in the USA on September 13, 2019, in partnership with SBD Discos label with worldwide distribution by Fat Beats Records. UZOMA winning the world!

Buy our vinyl in stores around the world!

Buy vinyl in stores around the world!


SDB Discos (Brasil)


Fat Beats (USA)


Dusty Groove (USA)


Redeye Records (UK)


HHV (Germany)


Disk Union(Japan)


Root Down Records (Japan)


Discrepancy Records (AU)


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